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Sonoma County is obviously most well-known for its reputation as “Wine Country”, but many other great businesses are located in and thriving in the Sonoma County area, you just may not be aware of them yet. So here at Best Of Sonoma we are starting a series to highlight some of these great local companies.

Nieco - Local Sonoma County Business
Nieco has called Sonoma County home since 2001.

Nieco Corporation

Nieco is a worldwide Automatic Broiler company that has its home base in Windsor, California.

Nieco began as a sheet metal company in 1905 in San Francisco, California. It evolved over the decades, and by 1969, Nieco had developed its first prototype of Automatic Broilers. In 1974, the company learned a new broiling technique, and Carl’s Jr. adopted their first Nieco broiler in 1970. After building and developing this new broiling technology in Burlingame for almost 20 years, in 2001 Nieco moved north of San Francisco to Windsor, and has called Sonoma County home ever since.

Nieco Automatic Flame Broilers

Nieco manufactures innovative Automatic Broilers that are designed to consistently produce great-tasting, flamebroiled product for their customers, while also being incredibly efficient and cost-effective. Nieco Broilers are used worldwide in commercial businesses, restaurants, corporate settings, amusement parks, arenas, and more. Some of their major clients include Disney, Giants Stadium, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, and Red Robin.

Nieco Broilers

While the charbroiling ability of Nieco’s Broilers is certainly most known for producing great-tasting burgers, Nieco Broilers are also used for chicken, steak, seafood, and even vegetables.

Nieco Toasters

And in addition to the above list of foods that Nieco Broilers are used for, Nieco manufactures a Commercial Bun Toaster that is the world’s fastest forced air toaster. Clients use the Nieco Model Ex6225 Toaster to perfectly toast buns, bagels, bread, and more.

Nieco Pride

Nieco doesn’t only take pride in the high-quality and innovative products that they manufacture, they also take great pride in their customer service. They provide ongoing support for their broilers and offer everything from service partner training and customer training to spare parts kits and tutorial videos. While their customers are spread out across the globe, Nieco is still dedicated to the principles and values that a small business would adhere to.

Nieco isn’t just a worldwide business, they are a local Sonoma County family.

Nieco - Local Sonoma County Business

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